Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Eating Babies-Jelly Babies, That Is

So...I planned to make a great first entry where I made a special New Year's treat, something along the lines of brioche. Unfortunately, I got a cold and haven't been able to stand very long. Onto plan B.
I belong to an ex-pat forum because my boyfriend and I plan to move to his home country of England. I saw people talking about a sweet/candy called Jelly Babies and decided I wanted to try them. We don't have them in the States, so I bought some on our trip to England this past week and decided today would be the day to try them.
I expected the Jelly Babies to look like Gummi Bears, but was surprised to see that they were covered in powdered sugar. I thought it would add an excellent flavor to the sweets and popped a red one in my mouth, one of my favorite flavors. I liked the taste, but not the texture. These babies were chewy at first, but then seemed to disintegrate in my mouth and there were little bits of jelly bopping around my tongue! The powdered sugar left a bland aftertaste.
I'm sorry to say that I am disappointed with these Jelly Babies. I even tried two more just to make sure that the bad texture was just the first one. Nope. The packet has been passed on to my boyfriend, who likes them.


Made by Lena