Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pasty Potatoes

I've always made mashed potatoes from a box. I'm trying really hard to learn to make mashed potatoes from fresh potatoes, but haven't had much success. I really should just follow a recipe until I get it, but that would make too much sense! The first time I made them, they tasted good, but were fairly lumpy.

This time, I think I was ok with the boiling part. I used my new immersion blender to mix them and that seemed to work well (I don't have a potato masher). I think I put in too much milk and butter. I didn't measure the milk and put in two tablespoons of butter. I was using up the rest of the small white and red potatoes I had here, so I think it was about 10-15 in all.

Luckily, I planned them to accompany some reheated Salisbury Steak I made in December and the gravy helped make the potatoes edible! Not every meal is going to be a success, and I guess this was a miss for now.


Made by Lena