Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Missing Post

I noticed that there isn't a post per day so far, I'm on the 23rd day of the month, but this is post 22. Something is not right. I noticed it a while ago, but couldn't think of what was missing. I just realized I forgot to post about making Jello/Jelly!

Looking back at the pictures, they say I took them on January 8th.

England's version of Jello is jelly. I think it is a bit different, it feels like it's a bit of thicker consistency. It actually comes already in a gelatin cube, unlike the American Jello that comes as a powder.

It's actually made in a very similar way to Jello. I usually love Jello and it doesn't last long. I had a bowl of the jelly and the rest ended up going down the drain. I just don't like the thicker consistency. We bought two more flavours of this while in England, blackcurrant and tangerine, so we'll see what I think of those. To be honest, I think the strawberry was the most hopeful candidate for me to like!


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