Monday, January 14, 2008

Pizza Night!

Friday night is pizza night for us. I decided to try homemade pizza one time and we both had fun making it and thought it would be a great inexpensive date night.

I have been using this recipe for our pizza nights. I hadn't had Pizza Hut pizza in a while, and when we were in England I noticed that their pizza was a bit greasier than ours turns out, the crust a bit thicker, and it was a little more buttery (I don't use the butter flavored Pam the recipe recommends because I don't have it and don't feel like buying it). I would like it to taste as authentic as possible, so I think my mission for the next couple of weeks will be to perfect it! I also used the RagĂș pizza sauce instead of the one in the recipe.

I've used a baking sheet for cooking these pizzas. That's not the same type of pan that Pizza Hut uses, and I'm wondering if it makes a difference. Either way, this week I put a little bit of artificial butter flavour (I had that for making cake icing) and it did add a bit of buttery flavour, although it still wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

I also forgot to get some things for the toppings, so my boyfriend had to make do with cheese (my favorite!). Anyway, we both enjoyed the pizza and the mozzarella sticks I made to go with it and I'll try again next week!

I forgot to take pictures again. I'll try to be better, I promise!


Made by Lena