Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Between being very tired and falling asleep while watching TV, and losing our internet over the weekend (who'd have thought that you could have the wrong splitters and that they could die?!) I haven't been updating here. I have still been trying new recipes and foods, so my goal is to update tonight.

On January 3, I made Korma Curry. Lee made me try curry one night in England, I can't remember what kind it was, but it knocked me out. I'm not a spicy food person and I had to go lay down and fell asleep as soon as my stomach settled! On our trip to England for Christmas, he picked up some jars of curry sauce and he wants me to try them and like curry. I thought I'd be nice and make it for him.

The jar said that meat could be added, or vegetables. I know my boyfriend likes to have chicken in his curry, but I thought I'd try to get in a bit of veg too. I hadn't been grocery shopping since we got back from England except for some essentials, like milk, so I had no clue what I had. I found some baby carrots, a can of green beans, and a can of corn. I decided to use the carrots and corn. DB said it was a good choice, he thought green beans sounded gross with the Korma.

It turned out to be really good, but not spicy at all. I drained the corn before putting it in the crock pot with the sauce, so I don't think the corn diluted the taste... This was the next night after having chili and spicy mashed potatoes, so maybe it just tasted so much more mild in comparison? Who knows, all I know is that was our one jar of Korma and I should probably try to learn how to make curries since Lee likes them so much!


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