Monday, January 14, 2008

Roast Chicken

Since he does the clean up, my boyfriend had asked me if I could cook chickens in aluminum foil to make the clean up easier on him. I didn't think it would work very well because there would be no browning and didn't know how the drippings for gravy would work out either. When we were in England for Christmas, I saw a Delia Smith episode where she cooked her turkey completely wrapped in aluminum foil and still was able to use the drippings for her gravy. I figured if Delia could do it, I could do it!
I spread a bit of butter over the chicken and sprinkled some Bell's Poultry Seasoning over it as well. I put my family's recipe for stuffing inside and cooked it at 350°F. When I figured there was about an hour left, I cut away the top part of the aluminum foil so it could brown. The only problem was I accidentally cooked it upside down the whole time, and since I didn't take off the bottom part of aluminum foil, it never browned at all. Oh well, the meat tasted delicious!

I've heard of people making stuffing in a crock pot and thought I'd give it a go with the extra I mixed up. I had to put about a quart of stock to make it moist enough, but it did end up working, although it wasn't as good as what usually comes out of the bird.

I also served some cranberry sauce and steamed some carrots and green beans.


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