Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oreo® Cake...Decadence on a Plate

After postponing our night out on Saturday due to my boyfriend's later shift at work and last night due to me not feeling well, we finally managed to make it to dinner at T.G.I. Fridays®. I got my usual mozzarella sticks appetizer (part of my boyfriend's three courses for $12.99 meal deal) and Jack Daniel's® Chicken dinner. I must say I was disappointed in the mozzarella sticks. I usually love them, I preferred my homemade ones! I hope I'm not spoiling myself to the eating out experience by making so much at home!

Anyway, with dessert we split an Oreo® Chocolate Cake. I thought it was good, but extremely rich. I usually love cake and Oreo® desserts, but this was too much for me, there was no way I could have finished it and it's good that we shared it.

I think I'll make my own at home sometime...now I just need to try to make that copy cat recipe I have for their Jack Daniel's® Chicken!


Made by Lena