Monday, January 14, 2008

Some Cheesy Goodness

Ok...I'm not too good about posting every night, but I am still keeping with this and taking pictures. I just don't always feel like hooking up the camera to my computer every night. I figured out how to edit posts later, so maybe I'll do the posts each day and go back and add pictures later. It's probably better to have the posts without pictures than no posts even if it would have had a picture...

Anyway, so I'm on this quest to try a new food or recipe each day, but my boyfriend is just being a bystander in this. Sure, he gets to try the recipes, but he just has to show up at the table. He doesn't have to do anything special. I've decided it's his turn. Tonight HE gets to try something new.

Apparently he's never had a good ol' grilled cheese! I guess it's just not as popular in England. The Welsh have cheese on toast, and when I was talking about my craving for grilled cheese, that's what he thought it was. So, on Wednesday he got to try grilled cheese.

Now, I know there are some variations on the actual grilling method, but I prefer my mom's way of doing it. My dad puts some butter on the pan and then puts the white bread and American cheese on it. He squishes the bread and it ends up being quite flat. My mom, on the other hand, butters the bread and then grills. they both have both slices of bread on the sandwich the whole time. The heat is so low, that the cheese is usually melted by the time it's ready to turn, which makes it a lot easier. I like my grilled cheese to be very cheesy so I always put on two slices of cheese. I prefer white cheese to the orange stuff.

I explained to my boyfriend that some people like to dip their grilled cheese into either ketchup or tomato soup. He thought that tomato soup sounded better, so I heated up some of that. I also made some curly fries to go on the side.

He says he isn't much of a cheese person, but he liked grilled cheese! He preferred it dipped in the tomato soup to being plain. He said it is much better than he thought and much better than toasted cheese sandwiches he had before.

I did forget to take pictures that day.


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