Friday, February 22, 2008

A Roast with a Kick

Wednesday night I was planning to do a crock pot dinner, but the chicken thighs hadn't defrosted enough for me to get the little pad off the bottom, so that was out. The supermarket was having a huge sale on roast beef and we picked up two of those (each was about 4 pounds and only about $5!). It's not every day that people have a roast dinner because they didn't have the chicken defrosted, but that's what happened to me today.

I found a recipe for a simple roast beef. It was interesting because it calls for cayenne pepper. I haven't ever had a spicy roast beef.

I think I added too much cayenne pepper because this roast had quite a bit of kick to it. It actually tasted really good, but I just don't think of roast beef as a dish that should be spicy.

The Yorkshire Puddings turned out much better this time. I did two eggs in the recipe this time instead of three. They didn't taste like scrambled eggs this time! I don't think I'll use this recipe often, I prefer the one I got from my Betty Crocker cookbook.


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