Monday, February 18, 2008

Can't Eat the Chicken Through the Trees

My boyfriend's idea for the title in his "moment of brilliance."

Another new Zaar tag recipe. Unfortunately, this one didn't go as well as the others. This is the first dish that I didn't even want to finish eating. My boyfriend said we they can't all be hits.

This marinade was excellent on the potatoes, but the rosemary just overpowered the chicken. It felt like I was eating a forest. The rosemary just gave such a woody taste that I couldn't even finish eating the chicken. My boyfriend finished eating it just because he was hungry and felt like he should.

Now, I should say that I did like the marinade on the potatoes. They did not seem to hold onto the rosemary as well as chicken, and that is a good thing in this case. As we speak, Lee is complaining that the rosemary is going to kill him. He just made a peanut butter and banana sandwich to exorcise the taste, a la Elvis...

The garlic did not come through in the taste of this recipe at all. This was a disappointment to us because we both like the taste of garlic.

I might use this again as a marinade for a roasted potatoes, but not on chicken.


Made by Lena