Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pudding Pie

On Thursday, it was not only my mom's birthday, but it was the birthday of one of my students. The student's mother brought in some cupcakes for her birthday, and I noticed a large cupcake on top of the containers of smaller cupcakes. I asked the girl if her mom had bought the big one for the birthday girl and she said that her mom told her to give it to me. That was very thoughtful.

I must say, I was surprised to bite into it and discover it was not a cupcake at all, but a pie filled with chocolate pudding and topped with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs! I must say I was a bit disappointed to not have a cake, but the pie was really good. It was too big for me to eat all in one go, but I did save it to finish later.

Unfortunately, I forgot the pie at school and didn't remember to take a picture. It's now vacation, and I'm afraid it will be bad before I get back to school to try to get it. Too bad, it was pretty good!


Made by Lena