Sunday, April 20, 2008

Marinated Chicken Tenders and Seafood Risotto

Friday is the day my grade level orders lunch out. On Friday I ordered some marinated chicken tenders, what they were marinated in, I have no idea, but they were marinated. When I think of chicken tenders, I think of long chicken nuggets, these did not have any breading on the outside, they were just the marinated meat, grilled.

I did like these. I wish the menu said what they were marinated in, I couldn't quite tell, but it was very good and I'd order it again.

Friday was a busy night and I didn't take a picture.

Friday was definitely crazy. I also had to drive down to my parents' house for my mom's birthday dinner. We went to Davy's Locker and I decided to go for something different than my usual lobster or baked stuffed lobster. I went with the seafood risotto. It was scrumptious! It had mussels, shrimp, scallops, clams, and lobster in it. I hope to find a similar recipe so I can make it at home some time.

By the way, the five stars is for the risotto, I would rate the chicken as a four.


Made by Lena