Sunday, April 13, 2008

New York Strip Steaks

Well, one perk/frustration of having a boyfriend who works in the meat department is he's always wanting to buy the different meats that are on sale. We tend to have so much meat in our freezer that we don't have as much room for other things. One day, he bought some New York Strip steaks for us to cook up. I found a recipe on trusty ol' Recipezaar that sounded really good. I didn't have any Jack Daniel's Whiskey, and wasn't going to go out and buy some just for the recipe, so I just used some of my Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce for the sauce.

These turned out very good and they were so easy to make! I'll definitely have these again and will maybe buy a nip of JD to try making the sauce sometime.

For the vegetables, I just cooked some carrots and green beans in a skillet with the same seasonings as the steak.


Made by Lena